What I mean is that I never intended to become a novel writer. I always thought I might like to become one, but work, family, and life itself kept me from ever seriously pursuing. I also was afraid I didn't have the imagination (turns out I do).

That all changed when I retired from the business world, but not before a trip to Ireland, and a chance event there, inspired me with the impetus to get going. The result of course is My Irish Dog.

I was raised in Montana, but I ended up living most of my adult life in Japan (it's a long story). I presently live in Bozeman, Montana, but I still haven't decided where to live permanently once it's all said and done. I'm hoping more travel will lead me where I need to go as well as provide the inspiration for my next book. Maybe that next novel will be a sequel, depending of course whether enough people like this first one.

I hope you enjoy reading this book.


Douglas C. Solvie


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