A Light-hearted Introduction to the Book

Dog stories are a dime a dozen. Really good dog stories are rare. But a really good dog story set in Ireland, now that’s really rare and a dog story worth reading.

So, there’s this guy named Spencer. Spencer is his surname, but that's what people generally call him. Spencer is one messed-up guy and thinks a solo trip to Ireland might somehow cure him of his troubles. He’s also going to fly fish while he’s there. He finds that he’s a terrible Irish fly fisherman and that he sucks at personal insight. Then he happens upon a lost dog named Shandy. Shandy isn’t really lost. She’s sick and ran away. Why? She knows she’s dying and, before she does, is supposed to connect with this Spencer fella, because he’s pretty pitiful and needs her help. Shandy leads Spencer on an adventure, a parallel universe kind of thing, in and near a village named Galbally. Shandy doesn’t fix Spencer’s lack of fishing prowess, but she just might lead him where he needs to go. If he's patient, that is.

A lot of crazy, inexplicable things happen in the interim, with a cast of characters you’ll learn to like. Except for Mike and Owen – they’re bad dudes. Oh, and there’s some local guys who aren’t too friendly either, but they remain nameless and rightfully so.

The ending of this story is easy to like. And the chapter before that is good as well. Oh, it’s all really good. You should read and decide yourself.





Moor Abbey #1.jpg

My writing of this novel basically evolved by accident. I took a trip to Ireland by myself, because I had always wanted to go there and I thought I might try some fly fishing. I also needed to just get away.

The trip went as planned until near the end I stumbled upon a stray dog near this small village in the southwest of the country. I spent half a day trying to figure out what to do with her, succeeding at last, but never knowing what really became of her. And a strange thing happened as I left the village that day.

So a few days or weeks or I don't remember how long later, the idea came to me that I could write a story. And I did. Small portions of the book are actual occurrences (greatly embellished mostly), and the rest imagination. 

The main character and protagonist, Spencer, isn't necessarily based on me. But we do share some quirks, characteristics, and a few other qualities. Writing for his character was easier that way. Perhaps he is someone we can all relate to in one way or another.

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I have a blog on this website, and I would love to update it on a regular basis once I have more visitors. I might comment on some of the struggles I've encountered as a first-time writer. And perhaps little tidbits about the book itself.

Below you will find a link to a book excerpt.